As a professional weightlifter and strength coach, Jason has been a godsend for me and my business. Because I perform at a high level and push my body to it’s limits I have a lot of aches, pains, and old injuries. Any time I’m hurting I give Jason a call and he gets me in for some deep tissue work immediately which gets me back to performing. Any time I have a client in pain I refer them to Jason because he gets to them quickly and has a proven track record. Keep up the good work!


Thank you!
Keith Hansen

Seriously Strong Training, Owner

2901 E Park Ave #1900

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Mobile (352)515-8937

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Jason has provided deep tissue massages for my wife and me for the past 3+ years.  We typically see him for 90-minute massages twice per month.  He has done wonders treating my wife’s fibromyalgia and is excellent with my array of sports related ailments.  He has even given us exercises to alleviate pain/stiffness and improve range of motion for our affected muscle groups.  He has definitely contributed to our quality of life!

-Van Madsen


When I first started getting massages in 2012, I thought they were a luxury. But with Jason’s guidance, I’ve come to understand the importance of making massage a monthly part of my health & wellness regimen. Not only is Jason professional, he is personable and sensitive to his clients’ needs. I really appreciate how he listens to my requests and suggests ways to prevent injuries to my body. If you’ve never had a massage before or if you’re looking for a new experience, I strongly recommend Jason. I guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied.


Antonio C. Cuyler, Ph.D.

I have been going to Jason every few weeks for about a year, primarily for a relaxing massage, but also to work on some minor lower back pain and periodic sore muscles from the gym.  Jason has always asked me which area(s) needed to be addressed and done the massage required for the issue(s). Jason also provides information on exercises and/or stretching techniques which can help reduce the pain and soreness.  He is always on time and professional.

Dave Bright

I highly recommend Jason for all types of massages but especially for sports related injuries and therapy.  As a former collegiate athlete he understands the strain on the body and knows how to aid in the recovery and healing process.  He is the consummate professional, he makes you feel comfortable and is very responsive.

Traci Small

I have back problems that consistently cause me extreme pain and need periodic attention.  I have been a JW client since July of 2013 and have been very satisfied with the high level of service provided and the knowledge Mr. Wildermuth possesses when it comes to understanding how the human anatomy works, especially identifying and concentrating on the different muscle groups that cause my pain issues.

He is very professional in dealing with his customers.  He is always on time and never keeps you waiting.  He is very conscientious and not one to look at the clock but works on you until he is done or your pain is gone.  He stays current on his continuing education credits and strives to learn new techniques that are beneficial to his clients.

He is an independent professional massage therapist who possesses the knowledge and skills to help his clients address their issues and provides them with a valuable, relaxing and pleasant experience.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional massage therapist to help them.  He is by far the best in Tallahassee.


I have been getting massages from Jason for many years now and he is by far the best therapist out there! He truly understands the human body and the muscular system. He doesn’t just help you relax; he approaches each session with an aim to heal and mend whatever may be ailing you at the time. I always feel 100% better after a session with Jason and I strongly recommend him to others!